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Girls of any age can marry if they arepregnant under current law

根据现行法律,任何年龄的女孩如果怀孕了都可以结婚More than 200,000 children were married in the US between 2000 and 2015. Unicef/Bridal Musings

在2000年至2015年期间,美国有超过20万名儿童结婚。联合国儿童基金会/Bridal Musings

Politicians in Kentucky are stepping up their fight to end child marriage in the state after a planned vote on the matter was postponed because of opposition from a conservative group.


Under current law, 16 and 17-year-olds can marry with their parents’ permission. Any age under 16 can also get wed, as long as they are pregnant and marrying the father of their child.


A new bill that would prohibit anyone aged 16 or under from marrying and prevent any 17-year old from tying the knot without the approval of a judge, who would have to be convinced that the minor is mature, self-sufficient and not being coerced into marriage.


A 17-year-old would also be prevented from marrying someone who is more than four years their senior.


Nationwide, more than 200,000 children under 18 – some as young as 10 – were married between 2000 and 2015. In most cases, the minor is a girl and her spouse is an older man.

在全国范围内,超过20万名18岁以下的儿童 – 有些甚至只有10岁- 在2000年至2015年间结婚。在大多数情况里,未成年人是女孩,而她的配偶是年长的男人。

During that period, 10,618 marriages in Kentucky, 279 of which took place in 2015.


“This bill would take Kentucky from behind the national curve to a leadership position in the movement to end child marriage,” said Jeanne Smoot, senior counsel at the Tahirh Justice Center, a national organisation that advocates for legal and social justice for girls and women.

“这项法案的实施将会使肯塔基州在结束童婚运动方面从全国靠后位置冲到全国领先地位。”为女孩和妇女争取法律和社会正义的国家组织Tahirh 司法中心的资深律师Jeanne Smoot这样说道。

In the last two years, four US states – Virginia, Texas, New York and Florida – have passed legislation banning or severely restricting child marriage.

在过去的两年中,美国的四个州 - 弗吉尼亚州,德克萨斯州,纽约州和佛罗里达州 - 已通过立法禁止或严格限制童婚。

Despite strong support from Whitney Westerfield, Chairman of Kentucky's Senate Judiciary Committee, a vote in the new bill was delayed last week after the conservative Family Foundation of Kentucky expressed concern about the wording.


Although the group does not oppose a minimum age, it wants to see parents retain their rights to give permission for minors to marry.


The legislation explicitly states that the “wishes of the parents or legal guardians of the minor” are not “sufficient evidence” to allow a 17-year-old to marry.


For advocates, this clause is a key part of the bill.


“Generally speaking, parents are responsible for their children,” Mr Westerfield said. “However, we’ve been working on a draft that involves parental consent on the front end but requires judicial oversight in each case to prevent abuse like we heard about during committee testimony.”


One such testimony was given by Donna Pollard. She got married at 16 to a man almost twice her age after growing up with a physically and emotionally abusive mother, who encouraged the relationship and consented to the marriage.


Forced to drop out of school, she was soon pregnant. “I felt completely and totally trapped,” she told Courier Journal newspaper. “I had been raised by a very abusive mother who had never wanted me to begin with, and then this person comes into my life and starts paying me attention.


"It was so easy for me to be manipulated at that age.”


Ms Pollard now runs Survivors’ Corner, a national advocacy group for survivors of sexual assault, abuse and exploitation.


“Child marriage perpetuates cycles of poverty, interrupted educational opportunities, domestic violence, and sexual assault whether locally or internationally,” the group tweeted in support of the bill. “Communities can’t thrive with these problems.”


Kentucky’s Attorney General, Andy Beshear, is also a strong supporter of the bill.

肯塔基州总检察长Andy Beshear也是该法案的坚定支持者。

“The General Assembly must pass SB 48, a bill that would outlaw child marriage in Kentucky,” he wrote on Twitter. “A parent should not be allowed to consent to their child’s rape and survivors of child marriage deserve a unanimous vote.”

“大会必须通过SB 48这一项在肯塔基州禁止童婚的法案,”他在Twitter上写道。 “不应允许父母同意他们的孩子被强奸,童婚的幸存者应当看到这个法案全票通过。”

The vote is likely to be re-scheduled for this week.



TooBigtoFail 2 day ago

Oh dear. My comment got deleted.

What I said was...

Child marriage is wrong.

What does the Muslim world legislate? (Country by country would be good)

How old were all of Mohamed's wives?

Just wondering. Indy should write an article.




穆斯林世界现在的立法情况怎么样了? (一个国家接一个国家地进行就好了)



portsanity 1 day ago

THe independent has written lots of articles about child marriage in Islam


why do you not like that?




Guaglione 2 days ago

The more time goes on, the more the world learns that the US is as backward as some of the medi countries it tries to control. Children of 10 years of age *allowed* to marry their rapists? Like they want to?

时间越久,世界就越会发现美国和它试图控制的一些中世纪国家一样落后。10岁以下的孩子被*允许*与强奸犯结婚? 这是她们想要的吗?

DiablosAdvocate 2 days ago

IDK why the 'world learns' is being spewed. U.S. laws aren't mysteries, they're not secret. It IS clear that many posting comments do not know what the actual LAWS are.


Guaglione 2 days ago

That’s the point, dummy. US law is increasingly revealing itself to people outside the US who aren’t familiar with US law - and the US is looking stupidly underdeveloped, both morally, as in the case of the 10 year old girls getting married.

这就是重点,蠢货。对不在美国不熟悉美国法律的人来说,这法律就是越来越为人所知 - 美国看起来十分愚蠢落后,例如10岁的女孩结婚。

What non-US people are now realising is quite how primitive the US actually is. Much of US thinking and performing seems to be based on ultra-right 17th century Puritan Christian ideology mixed with the weird belief that the attitudes of 18th century men in powdered wigs are still valid, and something to set their moral compasses by.


Add to that the crazy 19th century John Wayne cowboy mentality of the people who seem to believe that they’re still living in the Wild West, and you can see how backward and dangerous the country has become. Or remains.


Good ol’ boys, one and seemingly all. Yee Ha! Ride ‘em Trumpy... bang!

一个两个全部的老男孩们好样的。 耶哈!骑着,嗯……特朗普......砰!

Maxima 2days ago

I was shocked to find that my Canadian grandparents were 13 and 14 when they had my uncle. They went on to have many more children and fostered family orphans. My parents were the very best married couple possible. No scars there. Going back things were different. Times have changed however.



2 days ago

They were both chidren,so they grew up together. The worst situation is when a very young girl is married to an older man who is often her abuser.


Putoarin 2 days ago

"Any age under 16 can also get wed, as long as they are pregnant and marrying the father of their child."

I'll put that in intelligible English for you, Indy.

"Any girl aged under 16 can also marry if she is pregnant and marrying the father of her child".




CaptainCornball 2 days ago

The article's wording might be right. Maybe it doesn't matter if it's the other way around. It would be more common that the man would be older but possibly the law works both ways. As long as the child isn't born out of wedlock it's fine y'all, don't forget yer shotgun ;)


DiablosAdvocate 2 days ago

You also omitted portion of the statute. IDK why everyone is twisting the laws. Under 18 --- various laws relating to consent of parents or consent of court. HISTORY is full of girls, under 18, marrying. One thing I am seeing - the 'conservatives' (e.g. alt-right) have generally ranted AGAINST govt intrusion and say they are for LESS govt. I've seen more intrusion into lives of PEOPLE with rep dominated Congress and now that Trump has been elected ... and this is another example.

你也忽略了部分法规。我不知道为什么每个人都在扭曲法律。 18岁以下 - 涉及父母同意或法院同意的各种法律。历史18岁以下的女孩结婚比比皆是。我所看到的一件事情 - '保守派'(例如极右派)通常会反对政府的干涉,并说他们是为了减少政府影响。我看到以国会为主的代表越来越多干涉人民的生活,现在特朗普已经当选......当然这是另一个例子。

Mr Earthman 3 days ago

"A 17-year-old would also be prevented from marrying someone who is more than four years their senior."

They should extend that rule to all women. That would put an end to all the gold-digging who.res out there who marry rich old men (*cough* Melania Trump *cough*) just so they can avoid having to earn a living.



Emilyisobel 3 days ago

I married a man 17 years my senior just over 10 years ago. I was 38 at the time and our children were 5 and 2. We had lived together for 8 years prior to getting married and we are still very happy together. I was the breadwinner until three years ago when my employers forced me out of work after I developed motor neurone disease. I was earning a decent salary as a Maths teacher. My husband is now a self-employed engineer but was unemployed when we met and still earns very little (due to complex circumstances).

It might help you if you re-examined your attitude towards women and didn’t stereotype us.



rosco00001 2 days ago

I'd say Melania Trump has well and truly earned her living.


Rosemary 2 days ago

Whats the problem? Trump has what he wants and a good deal. I think Melania is a different person.


rosco00001 3 days ago

God, guns and nonces. Welcome to Trump's America. A 'city on a hill' for deranged fckwits.


Rosemary 2 days ago

These laws are made on a state basis,they are not national.Trump would have little to do with it. These backward stares have had Republican and Democratic Governors while these laws were maintained.


Mirabilis 3 days ago

So.... parental consent is needed for a 17 year old girl to marry her boyfriend. But if a 50 year old gets her pregnant, he can legally marry her ? Is this 2018, or are we back in Deliverance country of the 1700's ?


Emilyisobel 3 days ago

Yep - it is very concerning that they want parents to still have the say over whether their child can marry and are blocking a move to determine whether that child is mature enough to make the decision on their own without coercion. Marriage is something for adults (people who are capable of making their own decisions), parents should play no part in the decision making as their opinion and permission should be irrelevant in the decision of an adult - if they are keeping charge of that decision then they are effectively stating that their child is incapable of making decisions for themselves and is therefore not an adult.

是的 – 非常值得关注的是,他们希望父母对他们的孩子是否可以结婚拥有发言权,而且阻碍孩子们决定自己是否成熟到能不受强迫的情况下够独立做出决定。婚姻是成年人(有能力自主决定的人)的事情,父母不应该参与决策,因为他们的意见和许可不应该与成人的决定有关 - 如果他们坚持对那个决定负责,那么他们正好说明了他们的孩子不能为自己做出决定,因此(这些孩子)不是成年人。